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New York-based tour guide Nick Herle has kept himself busy during the COVID-19 pandemic by writing a series of blogs about the city he loves.

His years of experience guiding people throughout the Big Apple has allowed him access to a lot of information on the best sights, restaurants, activities, and navigation tips.


Nick is incredibly knowledgeable about all the things that tourists can see in New York. 

He has brought people to so many different places that are historical and monumental. He has even come up with a system that caters to people with different interests, such as sports, theater, food, history, and more.


Exploring the Greatest Structures in the World

He has brought countless visitors to so many different places over the years, and looks to bring countless more once it’s safe to go out again. 

The New York Public Library

This century-old structure is at marvel of the modern world, and the foremost institution of knowledge and information.

Chrysler Building

The construction process was way ahead of its time, and the architectural design is simply immortal.

Activities in New York for the Sporty Tourist

Nick Herle explores the many sports and recreational facilities around the Big Apple, and is meant for tourists who love to play sports or who simply have an adventurous spirit.


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