New York Travel Guide

For years, Nick Herle has been a guide for countless tourists in New York City.  He loves the city with all his heart and believes there is no greater city on Earth.  Because of his work, he not only gets to go around the Big Apple, but also learn more about its people.  His relationship with New York has led him to share his passion with visitors from every corner of the globe, visitors who have either come to the Big Apple for the first time or frequently.

However, business has slowed down due to the coronavirus, which has prompted Nick Herle to write and share a series of blogs on all things New York for a number of blogsites. Generally, he shares the best sights, restaurants, activities, and navigation tips, among other relevant topics.  

Nick is incredibly knowledgeable about all the things that tourists can see in New York. He has brought people to so many different places that are historical and monumental.  He has even come up with a system that caters to people with different interests, such as sports, theater, food, history, and more. 

For this blogsite, Nick Herle has compiled together a series of blogs for tourists with different interests.  There is a blog for art and history enthusiasts that features the most world-renowned museums in the world.  Another blog will list down the best food establishments for foodies, establishments that New Yorkers have enjoyed throughout the years.  A third blog will be devoted to people who love playing sports and other adventurous activities, as Nick Herle lists some of the sports and recreational facilities all over the city.  For lovers of architecture and engineering, there will be blogs that discuss some of the most notable and iconic buildings in New York.

And one final blog will be a short guide for tourists on how to use New York’s subway – which is a must-read for people visiting the city for the first time and unfamiliar with how to navigate the system.