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New York for the First-Time Tourist: Exploring the Greatest Structures in the World

New York tour guide Nick Herle knows a lot about all the things that tourists can see and experience in the Big Apple.  He has brought countless visitors to so many different places over the years, and looks to bring countless more once it’s safe to go out again. 

In the meantime, though, Nick Herle will be introducing New York to the rest of the world via his series of blogs.  In this particular blog, he looks at three of his favorite places when it comes to architecture and engineering.

The New York Public Library

The reason Nick Herle loves the New York Public Library is because the place has several incredible qualities which most other public libraries in the world do not possess.  It is classy and cozy, and it holds some of the most historically significant documents in the history of the world.  This century-old structure is at marvel of the modern world, and the foremost institution of knowledge and information.

Chrysler Building

In a city filled with amazing skyscrapers, Nick Herle chooses the classic Chrysler Building as his entry for this blog.  One of the most impressive things about the structure is that is made mostly out of brick.  The construction process was way ahead of its time, and the architectural design is simply immortal.

Grand Central Terminal

Finally, Nick Herle takes everyone to Grand Central Terminal, which he mentions is the greatest train terminal in the world – and for many good reasons.  The Grand Central Terminal is a mammoth structure where people can spend days in and not even fully explore.  It is the largest terminal in the world, with many architectural and engineering experts having likened it to being a small city on its own.