New York Travel Guide

New York-based tour guide Nick Herle has kept himself busy during the COVID-19 pandemic by writing and releasing a series of blogs about the city that he is so passionate about.  His years of experience guiding people throughout the Big Apple has allowed him access to a lot of information on the best sights, restaurants, activities, and navigation tips.  Nick Herle has even come up with a touring system for people with different interests, such as sports, theater, food, history, and more. 

For this particular blogsite, Nick Herle includes a number of amusing, entertaining, and educational articles for tourists with various interests.

For art and history buffs, there will be a blog on the must-see museums in New York.  From the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art or the Met, to the Guggenheim Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History. 

There will also be a blog for foodies everywhere who plan to visit the Big Apple.  In this blog, Nick Herle lists down some of the best food establishments which New Yorkers have been enjoying for years.

For tourists who love sports, there will be a blog not about New York professional teams and their home stadiums, but about the many sports facilities and activities that are fun, intense, and for people of all ages and all walks of life. 

There will also be a blog dev0ted t0 lovers of architecture and engineering, which features some of the most notable and iconic structures in the greatest city on Earth.

Finally, Nick Herle includes a highly informative blog, which will serve as an important guide for tourists.  This blog will detail the city’s intricate subway system.  Readers can think of it as the launching pad for future adventures in New York City.