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Activities in New York for the Sporty Tourist

Nick Herle has been a guide for countless tourists in New York City for a number of years now.  Because of this, he has learned so much about the city and has made many friends in many establishments everywhere. 

But since the coronavirus pandemic hit, business has grinded to a halt.  During this down time, Nick Herle has kept himself busy by writing, compiling, and releasing a number of educational and informative blogs about New York, meant primarily for tourists.

This blog, for example, explores the many sports and recreational facilities around the Big Apple, and is meant for tourists who love to play sports or who simply have an adventurous spirit. 

One of the staples qualities of New York, and you can ask any New Yorker this, is that the people in the city love their sports, with teams such as the Yankees, Rangers, Knicks, and Giants.  Many of the city’s stadiums are some of the most iconic in the world.  However, for people who would rather engage in sports rather than watch them, there are places that hold the promise of excitement for sporty tourists.

Nick Herle shares some of them below.

Hudson River

Downtown Boathouse is a nonprofit company that established kayaking along the Hudson River.  There are three launch points along the river with kayaks for rent.

West Side Highway

There’s a 13-mile stretch from Battery Park to Fort Tryon Park called the West Side Highway, which is wildly popular among the rollerblading crowd. 

Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers offers more physically challenging activities for people who are fit enough to take them on.  Tourists can try their hand at dodgeball, rock-climbing, triathlon training, and even hockey, to name a few activities.

Long Island Skydiving Center

Finally, Nick Herle mentions the Long Island Skydiving Center, where thrill seekers can go skydiving, but not without first seeing New York from up above, in all its glory.